Belonia has been a glorious and traditional tinny town of Tripura. From time immemorial it has been situated adjacent to Bangladesh in the south region of Tripura. It has pleasant atmosphere through out the year. Belonia has been famous from its archaeological site where eminent place named “Pilak” is situated. Here we can see some ancient incarnations of God. It has also famous sanctuary named “Trishna” where we can find several types of animal, bird and orchids. Among them Bison, wild elephant, monkey, Hornbil and Doal Bird etc. adorn the scenario of this sanctuary. Every year lots of tourist come to visit this places.
    At present Belonia is the head quarter of South Tripura Judicial District. The Court of District & Sessions Judge, South Tripura District was established at Belonia w.e.f. 18.09.2014 and Sri R. Pal is the first District & Sessions Judge. Besides, there are Judicial Court at Sabroom Sub-Division under South Tripura District.